How to become a member:


How to Become a Student Chapter Member:
Cost:  $10 
List of Student Chapter Membership:
If you don't see your name on the list, it's time to sign up or renew your membership
Remember, membership is good for 1 whole year from your most recent renewal date!

How to Become a National Member:
Then click SIGN UP NOW
There will be a few information forms to fill out—make sure to mark yourself as a STUDENT MEMBER. All students can be a national member of ASCE for FREE!!!
**Juniors/Seniors in the 300/400 Seminar: don't forget that becoming a national member of ASCE is a requirement for Seminar**
National membership provides you with lots of great learning and networking opportunities, so please take advantage of this!

Questions? Email and we'll do our best to correct the problem.


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