Our main purpose as Officers of the ASCE BYU Student Chapter is to help you not only decide in which area of civil engineering you are interested, and to help you gain knowledge and understanding of the industry while preparing you for your career.


SEMINAR - Professional Engineers come from many different emphasis to speak to you about what your future could be.  The wide variety will help you decide where you interests are, and give you an understanding of how to reach that point.

ACTIVITIES / SOCIALS - Networking is essential to getting a job after graduation... "It's not WHAT you know, rather it's WHO you know."  We often get together in the beginning and end of each semester to mix and mingle.  Many times Professional Engineers, whom we invite, attend these social activities, so there are great opportunities to ask questions and network.  But remember, it is also important to network with fellow students... they may know your future boss.

FIELD TRIPS - The ability to see what we are learning in school helps us to fully conceptualize what is being taught to us.  Field trips are a great way to learn and again network with fellow students/professionals.

SERVICE - We organize service opportunities within our community to give back and get dirty.  Hands on experience is beneficial to understanding engineering and it's FUN!

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