Monday, April 10, 2017

Congratulations RMC participants!!

Non-technical paper (Alec Escamilla)
- written, tie for second place.
- overall, tie for first place.

Technical paper (Chris Garcia)
- written, second place.
- presentation, second place.
- overall, tie for first place.

Steel Bridge
- construction speed, third place.
- lightness, second place.
- stiffness, first place.
- economy, second place.
- efficiency, second place.
- overall, FIRST PLACE!!

Concrete Canoe 
- women's sprint, second place.
- men's sprint, first place.
- coed sprint, second place.
- women's endurance, third place.
- men's endurance, second place.

Overall Conference

We're looking forward to see how our steel bridge team does at nationals!!

Everyone that won awards.

Concrete Canoe

Everyone at the awards banquet at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

Steel Bridge

Some of the team with the canoe.

Constructing the bridge.

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