Thursday, January 7, 2016

Paper Information

Technical Paper: Open Topic!

"The topic of this year's technical paper will be left to each individual school. However, the technical paper should focus on a technical issue that has relevance to the Civil Engineering field of study. For example, students may write about research that their school is currently conducting or will be conducting in the future."

Non-Technical Paper: 
Follows the Daniel W. Mead Topic and Rules (found here

"When working in a foreign location, what defines the design standard which the engineer can rely on to have met his or her ethical obligation to provide a safe and sound engineering solution or design?"

Paper Requirements: This is the Scoring that I have received.

  • Word Length 2,000 Max
  • 5 Minute Presentation 
    • +/- 5 seconds otherwise there is a penalty!
DEADLINE: February 18th by 11:59pm
Email your submission to

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