Wednesday, September 2, 2015

General Announcments

Are you looking for ways to contribute to ASCE this semester? Do you have ideas about what ASCE should do this semester? Trying to fill your service point quickly? Become part of a COMMITTEE.
     -Field Trip Committee
-Networking Committee
-Service Committee
-Activity Committee
Email with the committee or committees you want to be a part of! Let's make this year GREAT!

Some people may be asking, "Why should I get an ASCE membership/" First of all, ASCE is the first step to becoming an engineer. It allows you to network with many professionals and participate in some of the GREAT activities we will have this semester. The funding from ASCE memberships also allows BYU to compete at Rocky Mountain Conference as well as many other events.

The fees for ASCE membership is as follows:

$10/year for renewing membership
$7/year for incoming freshman for their first year.

You will not regret the fun and experience you will have as you become an ASCE member!

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