Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Official Rules: Non-Technical Paper

Non-technical Paper for RMC

Rules from University of New Mexico:

As clarification, the non-technical paper will be based on the same topic as the Daniel
W. Mead paper. This topic is:
"Should the Engineer of Record (who has sealed a set of plans) be held responsible, to
any degree, for injury or death to builders or bystanders that occurs during the
construction of his/her design?"

The non-technical paper should be submitted to UNM one month prior to the conference
along with the Canoe papers. These papers can be submitted to ASCE-UNM via email
to See deadlines for submission date. See General Information
in this mailer for information on submission format.
* IMPORTANT REMINDER: In order to qualify for the National ASCE Daniel W. Mead
competition, a separate competition from the Rocky Mountain Regional Conference,
schools are encouraged to submit their Daniel W. Mead papers by March 1st. This
competition is separate from the Non-Technical Paper competition being conducted at
the 2015 Rocky Mountain Regional Conference in New Mexico. All information about
this can be found at:

Daniel W. Mead Paper

Rules from ASCE:

Papers are not to exceed 2,000 words in length, must be written by only one person, and should not have appeared in any publications other than in school or chapter publications. Reference citations of the papers should conform to official ASCE Journal Submission Guidelines, which can be found on the ASCE Publications website.

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