Thursday, June 26, 2014

Graduate Name Plates - Summer deadline


You are order your very own Civil Engineering name plate now and have it ready for when you graduate.

If you are graduating at the end of Summer 2014 (in August), the deadline for you to order your name plates and receive them on time is July 31st by 1:00pm.

For those graduating in the future, the deadline will be posted. You can expect the deadline for ordering the name plates to be about 3-4 weeks before graduation.

To order:
1) Click on this link (BYU Online Payment Page)
2) Go to "Student Activities, Club Apparel, etc."
3) Scroll Down and select "ASCE Civil Engineering Name Plates"
4) Fill out all the information and select if you want a name plate and stand or just a name plate

Contact Kim Glade in the CE En Office if you have any additional question or you need to update an order you submitted.

Thank you and good luck!

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