Thursday, December 12, 2013

Seminar Announcements - December 12, 2013

ASCE Officer Elections!!!!!
   Come vote for your future officers!!!
   4 spots open: 2nd VP, Publications/Historian, Treasurer, Secretary

Closing Social Tonight
   6:00pm to 7:30pm at the BYU Bowling and Games Center (1171 WSC)
   Sign up here before 2pm to get discount, if you are an ASCE Member
   Check the sign up if you are bringing food.
   Online payment here

Grade sheets due by December 16th. 5:00pm 

Navajo Nations Meeting Tonight
   Today, December 12
   234 CB
   5:30-5:45pm (will finish in time for Closing Social)
   Lots of opportunities for service. One point for every hour you help to organize event

Winter Networking Dinner Meeting Tomorrow
   Friday, December 13th
   256 CB or somewhere close by
   Email if interested to attend or just come!

CANS!!!! for CANstruction (service points)
   Donate into the blue bins on the west side of the Clyde
   Preferred size: 14.5 or 15 oz. Family Western cans
   Bring in 10 cans for 1 service point (up to 2 points max)
   The more cans, the better

ASCE Polos still for sale!
  Order them here!
   If you ordered an ASCE Polo and you haven't picked it up yet, email and we will arrange a time for you to get them.

See you tonight!

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