Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Seminar Annoucements - October 10, 2013

Fragile X Pumpkin Parade         (Service Points)
   Needed: Pumpkins and people to paint them! These pumpkins will be donated to Fragile X Parade
   1 pumpkin + painting it = 1 service point!!
   Where: Bring your pumpkins to the structures lab Thursday, October 17 @ 4:30pm ready to paint them
   Questions? Contact Jeremy Fowler at or 801-664-3840.

Important Steel Bridge Meeting
   Thursday, October 10 @ 6pm in CB 234
   Topics of discussion will be:
   -- Selecting member shapes for our truss
   -- Planning connections for our truss
   -- Planning lateral bracing and connections for the bridge
   -- Bridge legs and connections
   -- Assigning AutoCAD tasks
   See you there!!!

Important Concrete Canoe Meeting
   Thursday, October 10 @ 5:30pm in structures lab
   It will only last about an hour and will be making three different batches of concrete
   See you there!!!

Structural Engineering PhD at Utah State University
   For potential structural engineering students interested in a Phd!!!
   The position will be fully funded, including classes, health insurance and stipend. Stipend is not set yet, but will be around $1500 per month. The project will be investigating several nonlinear phenomena important to segmental concrete box girder bridge design. There will also be some opportunity for destructive full scale testing at our state of the art structures lab.
   The position will be opened until filled, starting this December if possible. Undergraduate students who know they want to obtain a PhD are welcome to apply as are any students finishing their Master's thesis this semester or next.
   Questions?: Contact Marc Maguire, (435)-797-1139

Service Points for translating!!
   Languages needed are Portuguese, French, Italian, Malay, Japanese, Turkish, and more!
   Come help translate HydroSever Interactive!!
   You can recieve one hour of service per hour of translation worth of words!
   Contact Stephen Bolster at and give your contact info. Also visit

CUB Luncheon - Vineyard Field Trip and Lunch!!! (ACTIVITY POINT, FIELD TRIP)
   Thursday, October 17th, 12pm-3pm
   Tour new Vineyard Powerstation afterlunch
   Sign up here!! Meet behind structures lab! First ten people guaranteed spots!
   This counts as a freshman field trip!
   Bring $10 cash for lunch

GEO (Global Engineering Outreach) Navajo Nation Trip!! (SERVICE & ACTIVITY POINTS)
    Thursday October 17th (5pm) to Saturday October 19th (9pm)
    It will be full of service, engineering, and plain fun!
    Dealing to apply is October 4 at midnight! Apply here!!

BYU ITE Highway Cleanup (Service Project)
   Planned for October 19th
   More details to come

2013 Golf Tournament!! (Activity Point)
   The deadline is Friday at noon!!!!! Look below for full details!!!

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