Thursday, October 24, 2013

Announcements! - October 24, 2013

Today's Speaker: Garrett Jackson

FE EXAM!!! - This Saturday (Oct 26)
   One last review, Environmental Engineering @ 4:00pm in CB 256, student review after!
   Student Review- Friday, October 25th @ 4:00 pm in CB 384

Life Science Building Field Trip!!!
   This quick field trip is a tour of the new Life Science Building just south of campus.
   Friday, October 25th (tomorrow, we know). Meet behind the structures lab at 3:00pm
   Sign up here!!!

Hot Dog Friday!!!!!!! 
   Tomorrow, 10:50am to 12:00pm
   ASCE Members only (check Membership tab or email if you aren't sure)
   Must be member by 5pm today

UDOT Conference
   A group will be attending on Wednesday, November 6th
   Sign up in the CE Office if you would like to join the carpool 

Help send clothes to Mongolia (Service Point)
   Achka G. <> is collecting clothes to send to Mongolia. He is doing this at his own expense.
   We can help him if everyone is able to contribute $1 to help him with the cost of boxes and shipping.
   Bring $1 to seminar this week or next week.
   If you would like a service point, you can donate $10 (max 1 service point).
   Give your donation to an ASCE Officer.
   Deadline is Thursday, October 31st (next seminar)

Steel Bridge Meeting
   Thursday, October 24 @ 6:00pm in CB 234
   See you there!!!

Concrete Canoe Meeting

   Thursday, October 24 @ 6:00pm in structures lab
   See you there!!!

Rocky Mountain Conference

   We need two students to give a good presentation of a technical or non-technical paper for this year's RMC.
   Technical Paper:
   Topic: Any undergrad research project related to Civil Engineering
   Details: 1000-3000 word paper. 10 min presentation.
   When: Due before March 2014

   Non-technical Paper:
   Topic: “Natural Disasters- What are the Civil Engineer’s Responsibilities?”
   Details: Less than 2000 words. 5 min presentation w/ 5 min Q's.
   When: Due before March 2014

   Benefits: Great opportunity to present work to judges. Looks good on your resume. Help BYU do awesome at the ASCE RMC.  
   If you would like to give it a shot, come talk to Bruce Wainwright or email for more info @

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