Thursday, February 28, 2013

Announcements - February 28th, 2013

To all students in charge of clubs, activities, etc..
In order for you to get something announced in seminar, we need to receive your announcement by Wednesday evening, 11:59pm.

Balsa Wood Bridge Kits - Crush Test
   March 4th through March 15th
   Test the Balsa Bridges to see which one can stand the most load.

BYU ASCE Membership
   Now Pay online HERE!
   (Select "BYU ASCE" under "Student Club Dues A - E")

Opening Social Bowling Winners (January 31st)
   Sam Elder - High Game of 160
   Callie Stettler - Low Game of 56
   Edward - Longest Streak of Strikes (4 in a row)

FE Reviews
   Beginning next week, reviews will he held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
   Next review will be this Tuesday, March 5th from 5:00-6:30 pm in room 369 CB. (Environmental Engineering Review)
   The room will be emailed and posted on the blog's Calendar.
   If you are registered to take the FE Exam in April, please sign up here to receive email announcements.
   If you have taken it, please fill out a quick survey here.

Hill Air Force Base Field Trip (Field Trip)
   Friday, March 22nd
   Leave around 12:00 pm, return in the afternoon before 5:00 pm
   20-25 spots available. Sign up quick.

Sediment Basin Design (Service Opportunity)
  If interested: Sign up HERE!

Blood Drive
   Tuesday, March 5th, 12pm-5pm
   Volunteer to help people check in: contact Kendrick at
   Also give blood during that time.

Concrete Canoe Paddling Practice
   This Saturday at 10 AM.

Rocky Mountain Conference
   The LAST day to register for Rocky Mountain Conference will be March 15th. You will need to sign up and pay before then. To sign up contact Bryce Anderson at, or talk to him in person.
   The cost to register will be $115.

CANSTRUCTION (Service Opportunity)
   Can drive begins now!
   10 regular size cans = 1 service point
   Can earn up to 2 points from bringing in cans
   These cans will be used for Canstruction at Rocky Mountain Conference
   If you are interested in helping with Canstruction e-mail and come to a meeting on Wednesday March 6 at 6 PM in the stepdown lounge.

Take a Cougar to Lunch 
  Connects students to Alumni
  Great opportunity for students to find professionals in their field
  Talk about different things concerning their future over lunch.
  If interested, go to the TACTL website,

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