Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rocky Mountain Conference Pre-Registration

We now have final information about Rocky Mountain Conference Pre-Registration.
If you plan on attending Rocky Mountain Conference with any of the teams, or for a paper presentation, it is very important that you Pre-Register by FRIDAY JANUARY 25 2013.

The total cost will be $100 for anyone traveling and staying with the group.

If you would only like to Pre-Register for the conference (i.e. you would like to participate in the competitions, but will drive to Logan yourself and stay with family or friends there, and not in the hotel with the group) the Conference registration is $60.

These costs will increase anytime after Friday January 25.

Detailed information on how to pay will be posted by Wednesday January 23.

If you are planning on coming to Rocky Mountain Conference please put your name and e-mail here so that I can contact you easily as it approaches.

If you will have problems paying by Friday January 25 e-mail me ASAP at

Bryce Anderson

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