Friday, October 5, 2012

Homecoming Float

Be a part of the tradition! Walk with us in the Homecoming Parade!

Each student that participates will receive one activity point. Also, there will be free doughnuts and hot chocolate if you arrive on time. For details,  please contact David Palmer at with the subject "Walk".

If you would rather see the parade from the sidelines, (or even stay in bed) and would still like to earn a service point, then please consider donating a bag of candy to be handed out at the parade. The first 15 students to donate will receive one service point. Here are the rules:

  • Weak bags of candy don't count. We seem to run out halfway through the route every year, so we are looking for variety packs with a lot of pieces.
  • The candy needs to be in individually wrapped pieces.
  • We cannot give out home made candy.
  • One service point will be given to the first 15 people who donate.
  • We must receive the candy by Friday September 12th.
  • To donate, contact David Palmer at with the subject "Candy"
  • Any candy not used can be returned upon request, and you will still get the point for donating.
A suggestion for those who want to donate, Walmart has large bags of candy for only $8.88. (Tootsie Child's Play Assortment 3.5 lb bag, or the Nestle or Hershey's assortments with 95 pieces) Costco and Sam's should also have good deals on candy as well.

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