Thursday, September 21, 2017

BYU Scholarship Society Golf Tournament Volunteers

Each year the BYU Scholarship Society holds a golf tournament to raise scholarship funds for the Civil Engineering department. This year, the tournament will be held on Thursday, Oct. 5th. The event is held at Hobble Creek Golf Course in Springville, and there will be a university vehicle provided for volunteer transportation. ASCE needs at least 6 total volunteers to help with the event, in shifts of two hours each. See the link below for information on shift times and responsibilities, and to sign up.

Golf Tournament Volunteers

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Stadium Clean-up Service Points!

We have an opportunity to help with stadium clean-up after the football games and earn money for ASCE! Participating will cover all your service points for the semester. There are three games left for which we need volunteers; check the link below and sign up!

Stadium Clean-up Fall 2017

Dr. Franke earthquake research

If your interested in helping with the research for the earthquake in Mexico, contact Saul Ramirez

Leadership Points

Looking for leadership point opportunities? Contact Levi for info about the Networking dinner

Club Rush September 27

Come, Wednesday September 27 fro 10:15-2 pm  in the quad in front of the Clyde, to learn about the many clubs we have in the engineering college. Meet some friends, gain some knowledge.


Tomorrow, Thursday Septemeber 21, from 9am-3pm will be the STEM fair. Come with your resume, look professional and see what opportunities are out there.

Friday, September 15, 2017


Do you want to get your service points out of the way during week 3 of the semester?! The STEM Fair organizers are looking for a few more students to come and help out with STEM Fair. You could shuttle recruiters too and from the parking lot, you may help with sign in, or with take-down and set-up. If you're interested and available this Thursday between 9-2 (you won't have to be there that whole time) PLEASE email Katie Zackrison at ASAP. We need people who are willing and able. When you email her, be sure to mention that you're with ASCE. Thanks!

-Your ASCE Officers

Thursday, September 14, 2017

CUB Luncheon September 21, 2017

This is a signup list for the ASCE CUB (Central Utah Branch) Luncheon next Thursday at noon in Pleasant Grove. Arrangements for travel will be made, and Dr. Hotchkiss has offered to pay for 9 students to go. If you sign up, you will need to leave seminar early and meet outside the structures lab at 11:30 AM. The first 9 to sign up will be able to go. This is a great opportunity to meet ASCE members, young professionals, and professional engineers!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Exxon Info Session

STEM Fair Volunteers

Next week on Thursday September 21, BYU is looking for volunteers to help with the STEM Fair, look out for a spreadsheet to sign up and help make this event run smoothly.

Stadium Cleanup, September 16th

Service points!!

We're teaming up for stadium cleanup after the football game this Saturday. They're hoping to have 20 volunteers from our club show up. Come and get all of your service points knocked out in one service activity! Sign up below.

Announcements: (Opening Social)

Hey everyone, here's this weeks announcements:

Opening Social today at 5 P.M.

It's that time, meet up tomorrow on the grass west of the Clyde for our ASCE Barbecue. We will be handing out tokens to get Hot dogs after you sign in, and confirm your ASCE membership either by being on our list of current members or showing us a confirmation email. Make sure to renew your ASCE membership before the event to avoid bottle necking at the table. You can renew your membership here:

*Click on ASCE Dues
** Remember you must renew your membership every year