Thursday, March 5, 2015



Similar to the Engineering Expo week. But this time it's at UVU. Goes from 25th March to 28th March. A great place to raise awareness about Civil Engineering. We are working out the details now. But feel free to sign-up for a time that works for you. Thank you!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Orem City Service Project

Refurbishing Palisade Park

Refurbishing two perennial beds near Palisade Park
-adding new cement curbing
-updating landscaping
(tools and supplies provided)

Saturday, March 14th 10:00-1:00
1240 E 850 N St, Orem, UT
Volunteers needed: 10-50
Be in the step down lounge by 9:40 am

*********Sign-up here*********

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Become a member of this great organization (both locally and nationally) and receive prizes, discounted prices on activities and swag, access to online members-only resources, etc. It's worth it!!

Local Membership: $10.00
Sign up in the CE office with the secretaries(room 368) 
Online (ASCE Dues)

National Membership: $0.00
Sign up Online
BYU School Code: 874792


Thursday February 26th, 2015
Meet at 1:00 PM in the Crabtree Lobby
Estimated return time is 4:00 PM

Sign up Right Here!!!
of the 
Engineering and Technology Week Expo Feb 26th

Last week there was a sign up sheet passed around for general volunteering at the Engineering and Technology Week Expo. Well, here's a chance to volunteer specifically for the ASCE Booth!! The deets are on the sign up sheet!!

ASCE CUB Luncheon
Feb 26th 12:00 PM
Dr. Richards will be speaking.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Habitat For Humanity - February 28th (Saturday 1pm - 4pm)

 *******Sign up here*********

The location is yet to be decided. We will send out an email to those who sign-up. Thanks!

BYU ITE Events

Here are some upcoming BYU ITE Events:
  • (February 26, 10:30am-3pmWe need volunteers to help at Engineering/Technology week next week. There are chances to help out generally but we need people to specifically run the ITE/AREMA booth. Come to talk to kids about engineering and play with trains! The times are broken up in half hour increments, since we know Thursdays can be very very busy. Please sign up: (for more info)
  • (February 26, 5pmDon't forget about the ITE Professional Forum next Thursday (February 26th), where we will have the chance to hear from Steven Lord from Horrocks Engineers. He is eager to meet you and to network with you. Word on the street is that Horrocks Engineers is hiring...
  • (March 3-5) We will begin the Traffic Study during the first week of March. More details are being compiled and will be sent to you shortly. We'll need help recording the data, hopefully from the comforts of the Transportation Lab. More details will be provided at the Forum and at 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Student Faculty Luncheon!!

As part of BYU ASCE Member (local and national) benefits, we will be hosting Student-Faculty Luncheons.

On March 6th at 12 pm - 1 pm, we'll be dining with Dr. Schultz in the conference room. ASCE will provide the drinks and chips, but be sure to bring your own food if you want any more than that for lunch :)